Antibiotics for Prostatitis – Which is the Most Effective?


Prostatitis is a pretty common disease when one experiences strong pain and discomfort, and some other indications, like decreased libido, frequent urination and ache in different pelvic areas. Many types of this ailment are distinguished nowadays: they may be entailed by bacteria, severe stress, tension and multiple flaws of person’s lifestyle.

It cannot be completely generalized when it comes to discussing symptoms of prostatitis – every man has his unique course of the disease.  4 pattern characteristics for this ailment are listed below:

  • antibiotic for prostatitis treatmentWhole body is influenced when you are hit by bacterial prostate inflammation. It happens because of the bacteria circulating in blood vessels. It means that harmful elements will easily find themselves in any parts of your body. Eventually patient with acute disease stage can get high body temperature, shivering, fever and other atypical symptoms. They are developed much faster than the symptoms of chronic stage of this ailment.
  • The chronic bacterial prostatitis signs are very close to the signs of the acute type. Although the symptoms are quite the same, there’s a difference in time which the signs are revealed within. For example, chronic sufferer experiences ache and the rest of symptoms during up to 3-5 months.
  • If your illness isn’t caused by bacteria, this is a nonbacterial type, or chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). This variant of prostatitis affects the urinary tract and erectile function. CPPS is diagnosed by intense pain that tends to be extremely prolonged – the patient can have it for months or even years.
  • It happens that the discussed problem doesn’t show any noticeable signs – such disease type is called asymptomatic and can only be distinguished while being examined by a doctor.

The first thing doctors resort to while having a patient with those symptoms is antibiotics. Antibiotic for prostatitis are used when getting rid of harmful bacteria is strongly required. However, many doctors proceed prescribing such pills in non-bacterial cases. Such measures are taken in order to exclude a possibility of appearance of bacteria. Many urologists are very concerned with this practice of others, because a lot of dangerous side effects of antibiotic for prostatitis infection were discovered. Most of doctors prefer prescribing following medicines:

  1. antibiotic for prostatitis infectionMoxifloxacin;
  2. Bactrim;
  3. Doxycycline;
  4. Rocephin;
  5. Ciprofloxacin;
  6. Cephalexin;
  7. Levofloxacin;
  8. Tetracycline;
  9. Intravenous therapy.

In most cases, antibiotics are sufficient in curing the illness. But if there’s a risk of potent infection, the hospitalization is needed. Over the course of therapy a patient may require an intravenous therapy.

Given that several signs of bacterial and nonbacterial types of ailment are very similar, both of them are treated with the use of medicines that fight bacterial infections. If this is not done, the infection suddenly may be revealed, and this unexpected change can nullify previous treatment. Usually, dealing with CPPS is very challenging for the reason that it’s hard to specify what’s caused the syndrome. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome will most likely require versatile approach in treatment. What considered the most valid and effective is using different kinds of meds (including natural ones), herbal therapy and many food supplements.

antibiotic for prostatitisEven if you are not that much bothered with possible side effects of your antibiotic for prostatitis, don’t omit asking your urologist about them. Doctor will explain why he or she is prescribing you the exact medication. It is important because some meds are harsh and so are the subsequent side effects. Remember that it’s always better not to take antibiotics for a long period of time. If this decision is not under consideration, then go on and do what the urologist tells you to, but these pills can cause strong antibiotic resistance is overused.

Antibiotic for prostate infection eliminate both beneficial and detrimental bacteria. In such case human digestive system faces certain difficulties, like appearance of great number of fungi. Keep in mind that taking antibiotics must go along with taking some sort of probiotic. These helpful elements create wholesome environment in which the good bacterias will grow. Stick to the probiotic your urologist has formulated for you.

There’s another option if you want to get more specific knowledge about your prostatitis symptoms so it’s easier for the doctor to make a diagnosis is the system called UPOINT. The letters stand for urinary, psychological, organ specific, infection, neurologic and tenderness of muscles. This program is providing a beneficial effect on diagnosing so a patient doesn’t take pills that don’t seem right in his condition. UPOINT is great for its versatile approach and little possibility of mistake.

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