The Influence of Alcohol for Erectile Dysfunction


Almost every representative of the stronger sex wants to keep their sexual functions for a long time and is afraid to lose them, but not everyone understands how harmful the influence of alcohol can be on the potency of men. But the frequent use of alcoholic beverages, even in small doses can start the development of a number of diseases of the genitourinary system. Alcohol for erectile dysfunction is very unhelpful. Disorders that occur in the processes of sexual attraction, arousal are present at almost the half of the male population aged 30 to 55 years! Decrease in sexual desire affects both sexual health, physical and psycho emotional condition of the man.

The Deceptive Effect of Alcohol

alcohol causes erectile dysfunctionRepresentatives of the strong half of humanity often resort to alcohol, believing that the drink will enhance sexual desire and give the opportunity to express themselves at the highest level. In reality, this is one of the fictional myths about the benefits of alcohol. Even in the Ancient World, doctors had the saying “wine awakens desire, but makes it impossible to implement.” So, as we can see, alcohol induced erectile dysfunction was seen by people many years ago.

A man, indeed, increases the desire for sexual intimacy in a state of intoxication after drinking alcohol. This pattern suggests that alcohol improves potency and erection. However, this is a big misconception, since such a reaction is only the result of the primary effect on the nerve endings and the nervous system of the man as a whole. In the process of sexual act the man is forced to end sex by his own body.

The fact that after-drinking period slows down many processes in the human body, disturbing blood circulation (which is initially very active), and then its activity is sharply reduced. For this reason, it is often not possible to achieve a stable and prolonged erection in a state of intoxication. First, blood flows to the penis, resulting in a rapid erection. But the subsequent sharp narrowing of blood vessels provokes the opposite effect. Thus, alcohol and potency are not compatible.

How Does Alcohol Affect Potency in General?

Excessive or regular alcohol consumption has some effects on the male reproductive system. So here is why alcohol is bad for erectile dysfunction:

  1. alcohol bad erectile dysfunctionunder the influence of ethanol the sensitivity of the genital organ decreases, which leads to erectile dysfunction even in young people;
  2. there is a decrease in the body’s testosterone level (male hormone), which is manifested by the weakening of the libido and the deterioration of the quality of the seminal fluid;
  3. alcohol atrophies the semen tubules little by little, which can cause infertility and deprive the child of conceiving;
  4. having changed its structure, sperm loses its mobility, it also leads to reproductive dysfunction;
  5. the negative influence of alcohol on the functioning of the brain leads to a violation of the normal production of testosterone in the testicles;
  6. consuming alcohol beverages for a long period leads to complete impotence, as the body cannot resist the destructive action of ethanol.

Regular consumption of alcohol leads to the disappearance of the pollution and erotic dreams that occur periodically in healthy non-sexually active men 1-2 times a month. Erection begins to weaken or completely disappears.

A person who systematically drinks is not always aware of the problem, considering the reduction of their male power to be the result of fatigue or bad mood. Ejaculation does not occur for a long time or is absent at all under the influence of alcohol intoxication. Along with all alcohol induced erectile dysfunctionthe other changes and the nature of sensations – a man either not experiencing an orgasm at all, or its occurrence is accompanied by painful sensations. There is weakness instead of satisfaction and relaxation.

Thus, alcohol for erectile dysfunction has a negative effect on men, until there is a persistent impotence. Sometimes a man may have a feeling of strong emotional attraction, desire for sexual intercourse, but these feelings quickly pass. A drunkard becomes a mental impotent as the time goes by.

The harmful effect of alcohol on the male body is comprehensive, it also extends to the brain, so the patient with alcoholism no longer has any desires, including sexual ones. One of the sides of the harmful effects of ethanol on the potency in men is the production of defective germ cells, which may eventually affect the health of future children.

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